Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Strange title for the end of March?!?  I 100% agree.  I created this blog last year with the intentions of posting in a timely manner.  I honestly admit that I failed.  I actually realized that it has been exactly nine months since I last posted.  I wish I had the excuse that I found out I was having a baby... but with my son in high school and my daughter in middle school, I am busy raising teenagers.  Life became hectic with a new school year and a new job.  I am no longer teaching third grade gifted/high achieving students.  My new adventure began this summer as I became the literacy coach.  With this new position came many new changes to my school... new principal, new assistant principal, new ESE specialist, and new guidance counselor.  YES - the entire administration and support staff are either new to my school and/or new to the position.  I was the only individual of the support staff that had previously worked at my school.  It was crazy but I am happy to say that we survived and I am truly enjoying working in my new position.  I LOVE working with a variety of learners and I LOVE supporting educators.
So... with the lack of posts I feel like I may have let you down.  Enjoy the Color by Number Addition activity sheet below.  It is part of my Color by Number activity sheets that can be found at my Teacher Pay Teacher store.  Since the title of this post is Happy New Year, I am making a resolution to post more.  Wish me luck!  :)

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