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Classroom Themes 101

Choosing a theme for your classroom can be both exciting and challenging.  What best represents your personality?  What would the students choose?  Some teachers choose not to have a theme and may use a color scheme instead.  Summer vacation is a perfect time to plan and organize for the upcoming school year.  There are so many resources to use online to help you create a classroom that is both inviting and conducive to learning.
Listed below are some of my favorite themes with creative sayings to display classroom materials and highlight students.
  • Dog Theme - Students and teachers love dogs!  What a wonderful way for students to make personal connections with their classroom.  Even for students who are not dog owners, these cute and adorable animals brighten up any classroom.  
    • "Barking About ______" is a title that can be used in a variety of ways.  Highlight a subject area or activity on a bulletin board.  Just add student work and this board will be something to bark about.
    • "Top Dog" can be used to describe a student of the week or month.  You can create a bulletin board highlighting students for their accomplishments.
    • "Dog-Gone Good ______" is another title with endless possibilities.  You can add words such as students, work, behavior, readers, writers, scientists, etc.  This title will fit perfectly on a bulletin board in your dog themed classroom
    • "Paws"itively __________" is a wonderful play on words for a dog theme.  You can add so many different words to highlight students, subject areas, and classroom activities.
    • "You've been Spotted ________" can be used for so many different bulletin boards.  Ideas include: reading, writing, working, behaving, and following class rules.
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  • Hollywood Theme - I have used this theme in my classroom for several years.  You can actually check out pictures of my Hollywood classroom on my blog.  I love the idea of the students becoming stars of their classroom.  If you like to coordinate your room with certain colors, then red, white, and black will really stand out in your Hollywood themed classroom.  Some ideas that you can use on bulletin boards to spotlight students, activities, and lessons include:
    • "Spotlight on ___________" can be used for almost any idea.  Students love to see their work spotlighted and this helps build their self esteem.
    • "Now Featuring/Playing __________" is similar to "Spotlight on _________."  You can highlight students, specific lessons and/or activities.
    • "Wall of Fame" can be used to motivate students.  If students complete an assigned goal then their name can be added to the Wall of Fame.  Students become more motivated when they realize that their hard work will be acknowledged.
    • "Starring ___________"  is another idea with endless possibilities.  You can add your class name, grade level, or a description such as super students.
    • "A Star is Born" can be used to spotlight a student of the week.  Students can bring in baby pictures of themselves to add to this bulletin board.
    • "Meet the Cast and Crew of ___________" is a perfect way to add your teacher name.  This board should be displayed at the beginning of the year.
    • "Look Who's Popping in ___________" can also be used at the beginning of the year to introduce the new students of your class.  I used it in my classroom for Accelerated Reader.  The students "popped" as they earned points.
    • "Hollyword" is a wonderful title for your word wall.  I used a wipe off board to display my words and hung the sign above the board.
    • "Stage Crew" can be used as the title of your helpers bulletin board.  I labeled the helpers with all Hollywood themed names.  

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  • Jungle Theme - Another favorite theme that I have used in the past.  There are so many possibilities with this theme that it makes it easier to decorate a classroom.  I am wild about a jungle themed classroom.
    • "Wild About __________" can be used by adding any subject.  Student work can be displayed according to the subject that was chosen.
    • "Roaring About _____________"  is very similar to "Wild About ___________."  You can add any subject or topic.  Add student work and the board is complete.
    • "You've Been Spotted _____________" reading, writing, behaving, and working are just some of the ideas that you can use with this board.  
    • "Swinging into _____________" just needs the grade level added to it.  You have a perfect bulletin board for the beginning of the school year.
    • "Welcome to the Jungle" can be displayed on your door.  Perfect addition to your jungle themed classroom.
    • "Rules of the Jungle" can be included with your classroom rules.  It is important for students to be able to read the rules and review them often.
    • "Exploring ____________" is another topic that can be used with any subject, topic, or lesson that you are teaching.
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  • Farm Theme - Love this theme for primary classrooms!  The main color of this theme is red and the animals bring along many other colors to brighten up a classroom.  Some ideas to include in your farm themed classroom:
    • "Mooooving Along in ________________" can be used to highlight a grade level, teacher's class, or subject area.  Just place a drawing of a cow and the board is all set.
    • "You've Been Spotted __________" is a great title for spotlighting a specific activity.  Ideas include reading, writing, behaving, following directions, and completing homework
    • "Down on the Farm with ____________" just needs the teacher's name added and you can use this at the beginning of the school year to welcome your students.
    • "Round Up for _____________" is perfect for any subject area or topic taught.  Add student work and the board is complete.
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  • Pirate Theme - Students love this theme.  The colors include mostly red, black, and white.  Where do you mostly find pirates?  Sailing on the blue ocean under a blue sky.  So blue is also another color that can be added to your pirate theme.  Listed below are some suggestions to enhance your classroom:
    • "We ARGH..." is a wonderful starter sentence and the possibilities are endless.  We ARGH following the class rules.  We ARGH prepared for class.  We ARGH excited for school.  We ARGH ready for ____ grade.  We ARGH readers.  We ARGH wishing our classmates a happy birthday.  Add your own words to this sentence starter and your pirate themed bulletin boards are all set.
    • "____________ is a real treasure!" is another heading you can use on bulletin boards.  Add different subjects in the blank and you can use this to display your students work.  
    • "You ARGH top crew!" can be used to highlight the student of the week.  Display these words on a bulletin board to showcase one particular student or a group of students.
    • "Sailing into...." can be used for the beginning of the year.  Just add the grade level or teacher's name and you have a title ready for your back to school bulletin board or classroom door.
    • "Gold ___________" can be used to spotlight students.  "Gold Readers" can be used to motivate students with a reading incentive program. "Gold Mathematicians" can be used to display outstanding math work.  You can use this sentence starter to highlight students who are displaying academic success, positive behavior, and/or showing acts of kindness.
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Hope these ideas help enhance your classroom!  In the comments section would love to hear about your classroom themes and any additional ideas that you have.  

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